How do clean the RV Ladder Banner?

Simple soap and water. Avoid abbrasive brushes or strong pressure washers.

How do I store it?

Always roll vinyl to avoid creases. If a crease does happen. Use a hair dryer to add heat directly to vinyl.

Can I repair it?

For very small tears. Just put a dab of super glue on the back side. For larger damage you can try pool patch kits applied to the back side.

What is the standard distance between steps?

The center line distance between ladder steps is 12".

What is the standard width of a ladder?

The stand width of a RV ladder is 12".

Can the banners be used while driving on the highway?

The RV Ladder Banner has not been test for highway use. Use at your own risk.

How can I keep people from taking ladder banner off?

Use a cable lock. You can buy 15" $5 cable locks online. (ex.: Cable Lock)